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'Trimurti Puranas Beholden to Kalpa' - A New Art Piece Now Available


I started creating this Artwork during my college years. Stepping into this art piece I really wanted to explore the process and concepts that came to mind. However, like all things in an art school you must move forward to complete the course, the year. I put the painting aside, but it was not forgotten.


Stepping into senior year, graduation on the hill. Having to work on my thesis and everything was barreling through. My desire to complete paintings grew, especially the one that held my attention. But I had to be a machine and crank out the artwork, to continue to build that body of work...

My Father and Step Mother were coming to visit my apartment, it was graduation time. I had arranged the living room into a studio. I set up the painting that plagued me. Working little bits at a time, adjusting, adding, subtracting.

Nearing the midday, we got talking about the place and my father and I got talking about my painting and how I made choices already that opposed his creative thoughts. Being so Blond, I mistakenly took the comments for something else, a criticism other than a compliment.

I was still young and immature to kindness and praise. I had put myself on an untouchable island of college, work and nothing else. That I had forgotten the family gestures.

With a pause and realization, it was ok, accepted, and understandable. I was also stressed out from the school work and graduation process.

On to walking the Graduation stage.. It was an amazing experience! Seeing everyone I knew, families everywhere, and connecting with new people. We even got to meet Mark Ruffalo back stage, and then get our diplomas handed to us by him. It was great to connect with him again on stage. Heck my blood Mother got a kiss on the cheek from him on exiting!

So much positive energy, families happy, students finally passed on forward... my family we had a great time with dinner and friends that we all share and remember.

January 7, 2017.

The day before David Bowie's birthday, my father has had a heart attack. He is dead. Passed on... finding out through an Aunt by text message, I was working that day, last to be informed in the family.

When I get home the apartment is hollow, I sit looking at my painting, recalling conversations.

I just stopped creating.

2017 to 2019.

I bounced around from place to place. With painting in tow. I knew I would one day finish it. But my emotional health was pure shit. Until my future wife came into the picture, and like a jigsaw puzzle helped me mend the pieces of my soul together.

Facing our own rollercoasters together, I always talked about wanting to finish this art piece to her; like the ninja she is, "Why don't you?"

As I unfold the mental 11 sided paper in my head, she helped me get back to the creative places I sought over time. By this time of 2021, we had moved into the newly fresh apartment with lots of workable space, the painting almost got forgotten. But like the ninja she is "Why don't you finish that painting you always wanted to do? I think it's been holding you back, ever since you explained it all to me." She was right.

After a few life things were handled, a couple of Carnival Cruises later, and two pirate rum shots later... I was recharged. Ready to dive in. I needed to take that break from making other types of artwork. This painting had to be completed before I moved on forward.

Family and Friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Fans and most of all to my Father, Harry Blond.

I give, you my latest Painting:

'Trimurti Puranas Beholden to Kalpa'

(The choice of titled words are chosen to the active relationships they play,

Dancing Red shoes if you will..)

TRIMURTI: 3-headed Gods. (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)

PURANAS: Layers of Topics, Lores, Stories, Subjects, Symbolism.

BEHOLDEN: Owing thanks or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service.

KALPA: Complete comic cycle. Beginning to End. (Enter AEON).

As always, the art piece is up to the interpretation of the viewer. I hope you enjoy.

Much Love.

Chris Blond

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