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Tasty Tuesday: Love Food Central

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

One of our all time favorite places to eat in St. Pete is Love Food Central. The entire menu is vegan and gluten-free, and everything about the vibe in this place is true to the vibrant, artistic spirit of Downtown St. Pete. The creative, colorful feel of Central Ave. is really fun and a refreshing break from the bleakness that is the town that we currently reside in.

A few months ago, Chris was asked to hang some of his artwork in the restaurant (along with a few other amazing artists), and we are proud to be partnered with such a great establishment.

Whenever we bring up new art work we ALWAYS stay and eat, and have never been anything other than blown away by the food. This past trip we had brunch, and the Scrambled Platter, “Egg” Sammie and Veggie Wrap we had were to die for!

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