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Small Business Sunday: Batter Up Custom Creations

During this unpredictable economic time, it's very important to us to try and support our favorite small business owners. So I will be doing a series of Q&A's with a select group of entrepreneurs that are holding it down during the pandemic.

This week's interview was with Amanda Chrzanowski who owns Batter Up Custom Creations. She did our Wedding Cake (yes, she does vegan!) and her stuff is quite honestly, AMAZING. Click here to check out her Facebook page and browse through her creations!


How long have you been baking? What first inspired you to pursue this career path? I have been baking for 15 years. I first got into it because I wanted to make cakes for my children’s birthdays.

You are not formally trained correct? How did you go about learning your trade? Well I took a couple of cake decorating classes at my local craft store, other than that it was just trial and error. Also, a TON of practicing.

What are your favorite kind of orders to fulfill? Is there a category you like more then others? I have so much fun making cakes for kids. The looks on their faces when I deliver cakes is amazing. They get so excited! I also like doing new or custom creations where I can take their ideas and put my own spin on it.

Is there something you haven’t done or don’t know how to do that you would like to learn? I would like to get more experience in sculpted/3D cakes. I would also love to learn how to make my own edible and non edible cake toppers.

How has COVID affected your business and how have you adapted? Covid has taken a toll on my business in a multitude of ways. I try to do the curbside pick up to get my supplies, I wear a mask on every delivery and I practice social distancing. I have noticed a slight decline in orders but business is still pretty good. I think my clients see how serious I am about safety and that’s the reason they choose coming to me rather than a grocery store bakery.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years? In the next 5 years I would like to either have a commercial kitchen that I can rent to fulfill orders or have my own store front.

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