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The Rosen Centre Hotel Orlando

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The minute I realized I wasn't loving our initial hotel (Hawthorn Suites), I immediately got on to (not affiliated, just my choice of booking agent due to their rewards system) and looked for a better fit. At the time we were in Orlando, very few of the main attractions were open, including some of the hotels and restaraunts. I picked the Rosen Centre mostly due to the fact that rooms usually run an average of $159 a night, and we booked for $69.

Check in was a breeze. We got there early, around 2:30-3pm and check in was slated for 4pm. They quickly and efficiently checked us in, with no problems about the fact that we were early. Deposit for the room was $25 per adult, per night. Parking and resort fees were being waived during our stay due to COVID-19.

One thing I will mention is the self parking is a bit of a hike. The parking garage leads up to a back entrance of the building, but due to the fact that they have multiple conference centers in the hotel its a lot farther of a trek then it seems. The have valet as well but it was not up and running at the time.

The pool area was amazing, and HUGE. Multiple hot tubs, plenty of seating and a poolside bar make this a tempting place not to leave. I saw reviews saying they didn't feel that they were "social distancing" at the pool, I could not agree LESS. I felt very safe and distant the whole time, especially in comparison to the first hotel.

I really can't say enough about the rooms at the Rosen. It was large, super clean and exactly what we wanted. There was plenty of storage space, a separate vanity area with sink out side of the bathroom, and a giant flatscreen TV. The only issue we had was it smelled like someone was smoking in the room next to us, so I called the front desk and they took care of it right away.

All of the restaurants were closed during our stay, except for this little convenient store/deli were you could by drinks, snacks and even fresh made Pizza. They were having a sale on all can/bottled beer for $2 each, so that was a definite highlight :)

Overall we LOVED our time at the Rosen Centre and would gladly pay full price to stay here in a non-epidemic setting. The location, accommodations and staff were 10/10.

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