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Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas

I’m going to preface by stating this was in our Pre-Plant Based lifestyle days... so if you are a Vegan friendly follower, feel free to skip this post. With that being said, we both agree that this was the best meal either one of us has ever eaten. So I felt it was only fair to backtrack in time and review this awesome dining experience, and today marks the one year anniversary of our evening there I thought it would be the perfect time to post about it.

Let me start by saying that our evening at Gordan Ranmsay Steak was easily the most expensive meal I have ever eaten, and it was absolutely worth EVERY PENNY. Everything was perfect from the second we walked in the door. It is a completely immersive dinging experience, and I completely forgot that I was in the middle of a hotel in Vegas. Everything in the restaurant is London-themed, hence the red glow in all of the pictures.

The Paris Hotel (where the restaurant is located) was an experience within itself, and we loved the short time that we spent there so much, that we are planning on staying there the next time we are in town.

It has been my dream since I first became a fan of Chef Ramsay to try his Beef Wellington in person, and it was just as life changing as one might imagine. However the Foie Gras appetizer, we both agreed, was the best thing either one of us had ever eaten. Chris had Fillet, and we shared two sides of mixed baby carrots and mac and cheese. For dessert we had this chocolate arrangement that looked like a mini terrarium.

I would HIGLY recommend this dining experience to anyone passing through Las Vegas, and look forward to trying the rest of Chef Ramsay's restaurants once we start to travel again!

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