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Comic Con Tampa 2019

A day spent with our favorite superhero's

Trying to be more spontaneous this year and pick events outside of my personal comfort zone. So I bought spur of the moment tickets, masks, and capes, and we headed off to Comic Con Tampa.


Comic Con - an event with a primary focus on comic books and comic book culture, in which comic book fans gather to meet creators, experts, and each other. Commonly, comic conventions are multi-day events hosted at convention centers, hotels, or college campuses.


The array of artists, performers, and activities were mind-blowing. They even had a wall of old school pinball machines and arcade games to play... for FREE!

We met some very cool characters. As you can tell from the photos, Mr. J was not having a good time at all...

We are very into Pokemon at the moment. This was a huge honor for him to meet Pikachu.

I would highly recommend trying Comic Con at least once. There was something for every type of creative, and lots of free events/shows to participate in. We only went for the one day (typical shows last 3-4 days) but I felt that was sufficient for our first time. We would definitely like to go again, and would probably get a pass so we didn't feel so rushed through the exhibits.


For more info on Tampa Comic Con 2020 visit:

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