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CityWalk at Universal Studios - Orlando Day 4

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Wrapping up our trip in Orlando, we decided to go to CityWalk at Universal Studios as they had recently reopened. Masks, temperature screens and social distancing were required.

A lot was still closed, but there was definitely enough to look at to keep us occupied for a few hours. The boys had never been, and honestly the last time I was there was like fifth grade.

One thing I want to mention is how wonderful the staff was. From the moment we arrived, the temperature check staff and everyone thereafter was really trying their hardest to hype everyone up, despite the masks and heat. They even had two "MC'S" at the park entrance on a speaker system telling jokes, interacting with guests, and kindly reminding us to social distance.

We popped in and out of a few gift shops, but then it started raining so we headed towards one of the few open spots... Toothsome Chocolate Emporium.

This was one of the coolest spots we hit on our trip. It is a steam punk themed eatery! The desert spot, and the full restaurant were open but we opted to just get a speciality milkshake. OH MY GOODNESS. Thats all I can say. We all split the Chocolate X5, and it was just that... Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chunks, strawberries, chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream, chocolate spirals... it was amazing!

Overall, it was a beautiful day/night to walk around and even with not much being open, Universal is always a sight to behold. We will definitely be back when things normalize a bit.

And so concluded our staycation in Orlando... until next time!

XOXO - Team Blond

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