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Professional Artist of Multiple Talents




Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL

B.F.A. in Fine Arts May 2016 


Observational Researcher, Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL; 2015-2016

In a year long process, senior painting thesis consisted of my tactile interests, critically identified the role in visual ambiguity, concepts, textures and defining ideas. Expressions were captured through 35 miniature panels process, exploring the practice by various materials, objects, and self made brushes. Allowing unity between tactile observations and comprehensive dichotomy relationships in time, space, and reality; a meeting of life and death. Five final 5’x 6’ large scale conversions, were the complied process from the exploratory panels.


The narratives were surface focused, being pinpointed, and maintained by the use of color experiments, appropriated self governed rules, designed visuals, and bibliographic research on perceptions through in-depth literature review. The work established identifiable artists exploring similar issues in colors values, expressions, gestures, and textures. Producing dynamic examinations between ‘Expressive vs. Literal’, and providing compositions for maximum visual vibration. In exploring the observational discoveries, presented critical constructive faculty and peer reviews, allowing artistic adjustments through out the year long process, resulting in receiving Ringling’s Innovation Grant for supportive research, concept and materials while under strict deadlines.

State College of Florida-Manatee, Sarasota, FL

A.A. in Liberal Arts and Science, Studio Arts

June 2012 

The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Computer Animation 1998-2001



Artistic Knowledge:

Fine Arts of Painting

Color Theory


Digital Images

Studio lighting

Visual Concept and Design

Art History


Character Design

Gallery-Business and Fine Art

Ethics of Art and Design

Computer and Studio Applications:

Two-Dimensional Design

Digital Photoshop

Lighting and Sound

Documentary Films

Character Development

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Costume Design

Studio Production

Digital Art and Projection

Adobe After Affect

Adobe Premiere


Corel Painter

Adobe Flash

Advanced Proficient in Mac and Windows systems





Production Designer, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL 2014-2017

Advanced visual-communication production design course provided establish teams for Writers, Directors, and Professors in filming.

  • Verifying narrative key story elements through visual representation.

  • Actively worked on material development, construction elements, and conceptual practices. 

  • Communicated concepts involving various visual dynamics toward represented scene(s).

  • Visual development teams assembled costumes, props, set management, time logistics, and poster presentations.

  • Applied methodology in film processing, production costs, and staging scenes.

  • Leadership roles in overseeing visual layouts, and administered advice to critical scenes.

  • Team responsibilities in equipment, pre-production and post-production.

  • Marketing strategies and concepts with film producers, executives and professors. 




Ringling Films:

2017 ‘Unending Love’, Production Designer; The Silver Award for Best Junior Film at the Best of Ringling.

  • Exclusively with Filmmaker Mr. Cole Kornell in conceptual development, and scene process.

  • On film process, select scenes required physical arrangement of set elements, including film set equipment.

  • Constructive needs to develop objects, and/or suggestive items, leading to buy materials and produce desired objects.

  • Worked in a team environment and helped with time management in order to keep under deadline.

  • Helped organize and produce camera-ready scenes, from director and production team instructions.


2015 ‘Let Me Go’, Production Designer; Best of Ringling, Awareness Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, Fabulous Independent (LGBT) Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinefest Film Festival. 

  • Conceptualized scenes with Director Mr. Nathaniel Turner and Camera-man Andrew Murrillo pre-production.

  • Acted basic scenes from suggestive roles, to visually capture decisions for film production.

  • Discussion in lighting, expressions with objects, and scene challenges.


2015 ‘Two Buckets’, Extra actor in a local bar scene, for an independent film, produced by Ms. Tierney Drach. 


2015 ‘Sherman Sitter’, Production Designer.

  • Conceptualization of character development from drawings, props, clothes, for set production, with Filmmaker Mr. Robb Payne.

  • Individual collaborations, and production towards development of the script during each phase of the filming process.

  • Prop elements enriched the story were applicable on select scenes, with critical placements, and key emphasizes. 

  • As production designer, communicational relations is paramount in the protocols pertaining to ‘Checks and Balances’. 

  • The ‘Checks and Balances’ interactions in film production, towards the final shot(s), were vital communications to the process. 

  • After finalization of filming, poster development to post-production, with critical reviews for final approvals.


2014 ‘Sex Ed’, Production Designer.

  • Production design teams were joint venture; working along side Filmmaker Mr. Robb Payne, in strategies and executions in filming. 

  • Team leaders held production practices through guidance and hands-on approaches to co-exist, on and off set.

  • Physical arrangements on set as to accordance of demands to scene, and/or via director instructions.

  • The production teams required email correspondence with professors and the director on a daily basis. 

  • Designers operated the applied protocols when filming, including post-production.

  • Set development involved access to production studios, various methodology, and knowledge on film arrangements. 

  • Production teams finalized their process with photo presentations, and poster design concepts.



Ringling College Art and Design:

Who’s Who’s Honoree

Student Innovation Fund Grant

Vivian Cooper Stein Scholarships

Karl & Ricky Newkirk Scholarships

Stein and Keating Scholarships

The Faculty Award Scholarship

State College of Florida:

First Place in Two-Dimensional Design

Best in Show- Presidential Award

Dean’s List: 2006, 2008, 2012




                            ART JOBS & EXPERIENCE                           


2017-2020; Jamie Kalman (Spikey Van Dykey); Art Consultant.

  • Private communications in artistic developments.

  • Writing and editing for critical reviews.

  • Artistic methods, practices, and techniques, for expressional improvements.


2017-Current; The Sand Adventure Crew; Sand Sculptor and Art Consultant.

  • Marketing strategies in art and advertising.

  • Artistic practices and process techniques.

  • Part-taking sand sculpting in events, shows, and hotel beach fronts.

  • Product designs, and artistic resources.


2017-Current; ‘Larceny’ (Lawrence Dunbar), Larceny-Larceny Media [FLVR RECORDS]; Film/Video Music and Art Consultant.

  • Private navigations and communications in conceptual musical needs.

  • Video editor to enhance qualities of filming, and musical abilities.

  • Utilization of technological applications to improve the executions of development, and marketing demands.

  • Promotions exclusives, access to brand, company, and art resources were individual incentives.


2015-Current; The Creative Jewelry Box: Art Marketing and Consultant.

  • Business and communicational methods to advance marketing represented products.

  • Art layouts, product reviews, management practices, and network solutions.

  • Social media navigation tactics; (Groups, Audiences, Imagery Process).

  • Direct art consultant to owner.


2015-2016; Ringling College of Art and Design- Studio 41 Film Department: Student Monitor.

  • Supervise students during study and filming sessions.

  • Assist student in various filming projects, stage organizations, and equipment arrangements.

  • Check-in/out props, and clean up needs.

  • Security checks on locked areas, tools, and building alarms.


9-24-2015; Jury for OVRAC (Category: Photography).

  • Chosen and participated in private jury process, one of four juries.

  • From several categories of photography, to select top choices with artistic insightful reasons to choices.

  • Coordinated with director of contest board via email.


2008- Current; Starbucks: Marketing Design Strategist.

  • Advertising sign designs and accentuated layouts allocated to direct areas for marketing.

  • Team discussion on products, displays and store arrangements.

  • Administered corporate directives, needs, and functions though instructions.

  • Product knowledge and consumer research vital in marketing practices.





Ringling ‘BEST OF SHOW’

Ringling Senior Thesis Show ‘ALTERED EDGE’





Ringling ‘BEST OF SHOW’



State College of Florida ‘BEST OF SHOW’



Venice West Gallery & Gift Shop; Venice, Florida



State College of Florida ‘STUDENT ART SHOW’



24-7 CAFÉ, Venice, Florida


Portfolio and References Available.

Christopher Arthur Blond
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